Megan Ward

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2018 Party Mom Caroline
2007 General Hospital (TV Series) Kate Howard
2007 Waking Dreams Rebecca
2006 The Invited Michelle Hallian
2005 Sleeper Cell (TV Series) Mrs. Fuller
2005 Complete Guide To Guys Kelly
2004 Murder Without Conviction Christine Bennett
2002 Mirrorman Cheryl Parker
2002 Boomtown (TV Series) Kelly Stevens
2000 Tick Tock Rachel Avery
2000 Rated X Meredith
1999 Say You'll Be Mine Melanie
1998 Don't Look Down (TV) Carla Engel
1998 Four Corners (TV Series) Kate Wyatt
1997 Melrose Place (TV Series) Connie Rexroth
1996 Glory Daze Joanie
1996 Dark Skies (TV Series) Kimberly Sayers
1996 Joe's Apartment Lily Dougherty
1996 Crimes Of Passion: Voice From the Grave (TV) Renee Perkins
1995 The Brady Bunch Movie Donna Leonard
1995 Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build A Bridge (TV) Ashley Judd
1994 Party Of Five (TV Series) Jill Holbrook
1994 Winnetka Road (TV Series) Nicole Manning
1994 Arcade Alex Manning
1994 PCU Katy
1993 Class Of '96 (TV Series) Patty Horvath
1993 Freaked Julie
1992 California Man aka Encino Man Robyn Sweeney
1992 Amityville 1992: It's About Time Lisa Sterling
1992 Trancers III Alice Stillwell
1991 Trancers II Alice Stillwell
1991 Moon Over Paradise Little Sharon
1990 Crash And Burn Arren

Megan Ward

TV Guest Appearances

2018 General Hospital Connie Falconeri in episode "All About Ava"
2011 C.S.I.: New York Annie Cartland in episode "Vigilante"
2010 C.S.I. Lisa Adams in episode "Fracked"
2010 Ghost Whisperer Daisy in episode: "Dead Air"
2005 7th Heaven Sally in episode: "Chicken Noodle Heads"
2005 ER Judy Anderson in episode "Blame It On The Rain"
2005 C.S.I.: Miami Jennie Hale in episode "Vengeance"
2004 Boston Legal Susan May in episode "Hired Guns"
2004 NCIS Laura Rowens in episode "Forced Entry"
2004 Kevin Hill Heather in episode "House Arrest"
2004 Summerland Karen Westerly in episode "Pilot"
2004 Without A Trace Hillary Sterling in episode "Life Rules"
2004 Century City Mrs. Spenser in episode "The Haunting"
2003 C.S.I. Audrey Hilden in episode "A Night At The Movies"
2003 The West Wing Jane in episode "Guns Not Butter"
2003 Mr. Ambassador Amy in episode "Pilot"
2001 All Souls in episode "Pilot"
2000 Sports Night Pixley Robinson in episode "The Giants Win The Pennant"
1999 Sports Night Pixley Robinson in episode: "A Girl Named Pixley"
1999 Friends Nancy in episode: "The One Where Rachel Smokes"
1999 Jesse April in episode: "My Casual Friend's Wedding"
1998 Fantasy Island Ashley Gable in episode: "Wishboned"
1995 The Single Guy Monica in episode: "Gift"
1994 Sweet Justice Dedra in episode: "One Good Woman"
1991 Sons And Daughters DiDi in episode: "Dating Game"
1990 Out Of This World Kimberly in episode: "Evie's High Anxiety"
1990 What A Dummy Tracy in episode: "The Substitute"

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2004 Circuit City Herself
2003 Dawn Power Dissolver Herself