Dark Skies

Megan Ward as Kimberly Sayers

Theme Tune

John Loengard (Eric Close) and his girlfriend Kimberly Sayers (Megan Ward) are two idealistic college graduates who arrive in Washington DC in October 1961 determined to play a part in Kennedy's "New Frontier" little suspecting that they will find themselves in the vanguard of the battle to save humanity.

Dark Skies won an Emmy for its music and was nominated for an Emmy for its opening titles. The script for the pilot episode was one of only three nominees for the most prestigious of the Writer's Guild of America Awards. All the more inexplicable then that NBC axed it after only one series.

Season 1 Episode Guide

Regular cast:
Eric Close as John Loengard
Megan Ward as Kimberly Sayers
J.T. Walsh as Frank Bach

1 The Awakening (pilot) (feature-length)

First U.K. Transmission Date: 13/01/97

October 3, 1961
Berkeley alumni John Loengard and Kim Sayers arrive in the nation's capital to begin their work for a California congressman and the First Lady. John stumbles across some strange things as he investigates the status of Project Blue Book for his boss, and comes face to face with an extremely low-profile government agency known as Majestic-12, headed by the ruthless Captain Frank Bach. In short order, John finds himself recruited and working for Bach to learn more about aliens from outer space who have come to Earth, and are able to form a parasitic bond with some humans. John learns of this first hand when it becomes apparent that his girlfriend Kim has been taken over by them.

Tim Kelleher as James Steele, Robin Gammill as Herzog, G.D. Spradlin as Patient Zero, Lee Garlington, Paul Gleason, Charley Lang as Dr. Halligan, Francis Guinan, John M. Jackson, Conor O'Farrell as Phil Albano, Scott Allan Campbell & Basil Wallace.

2 Moving Targets

First U.K. Transmission Date: 20/01/97

November 22, 1963
Kim and John head for Dallas following President Kennedy's death and find evidence that the Hive has been involved in the tragedy.

Richard Fancy, Richard Gilliland as Jesse Marcel, Tim Kelleher, James F. Kelly, Charley Lang, Conor O'Farrell, Hansford Rowe, Leon Russom, Mary Kay Adams, Terry Bozeman & Jack Lindine as Jack Ruby.

3 Mercury Rising

First U.K. Transmission Date: 27/01/97

January 30, 1964
Kim feels an irrisistable pull to the newly renamed Cape Kennedy, where she finds an astronaut who recognizes her from a dream, and who has been part of a clandestine space program that has gathered evidence of the alien presence on the moon.

Tim Kelleher, John Mese, Natalija Nogulich, Conor O'Farrell, Peter Van Norden, Pat Crawford Brown & Glenn Morshower.

4 Dark Days Night

First U.K. Transmission Date: 03/02/97

February 6, 1964
Kim and John head for New York City after overhearing several radio exchanges between Hive members, and uncover a plan to use the first Ed Sullivan performance by The Beatles to trigger a killer subliminal affect among so-called "throwback" humans.

Kathleen Garrett, Stanley Kamel, Tim Kelleher, Charley Lang, Conor O'Farrell & Gina Phillips.

5 Dreamland

First U.K. Transmission Date: 10/02/97

Early March, 1964
A nearly broke John and Kim limp into Las Vegas with a poker chip from a local casino, taken from Steele back in New York. Kim takes a job at the casino, which brings them into contact with the eccentric Howard Hughes, who's convinced that the Hive are actually Communists, and who enlists John and Kim to help him find out what they're doing out in the desert, next door to the government's Area 51.

Joey Aresco, Jack Conley, Tim Kelleher, Tyler Layton, Madison Mason, Conan Gideon, Andrew Hawkes & Scott Jaeck.

6 Inhuman Nature

First U.K. Transmission Date: 17/02/97

April 11, 1964
John and Kim follow reports of a UFO to a Wisconsin farm, where they find several dead, eviscerated cows and one live cow, whose rumen apparently contains something unexplainable, but clearly desired by the Hive.

Conor O'Farrell, Maury Sterling, Ronald William Lawrence & John Dennis Johnston.

7 Ancient Future

First U.K. Transmission Date: 24/02/97

March 27, 1964
A Tlingit shaman seems to hold a clue to the presence of the aliens on Earth, following reports of floating rocks from the area around Chiliwack, Alaska.

Conor O'Farrell, Charley Lang, Eric Steinberg, Sam Vlahos, Steven Ford, Dana Gladstone & Joseph Whipp.

8 Hostile Convergence

First U.K. Transmission Date: 03/03/97

April 24, 1964
Kim and John quarrel over attending the sudden wedding of Kim's sister in Denver, or investigating a very public UFO sighting in Socorro, New Mexico, where Jesse Marcel has an old friend who's dying, and who's offering them proof of the aliens' space ship.

Robert Carradine, Diane Cary, Jamie Denton as Rob, Stephanie Faracy as Mrs. Sayers, Richard Gilliland, Tim Kelleher, Charley Lang, Jack Lindine, Conor O'Farrell, Lisa Waltz as Andrea Sayers & Sam Whipple.

9 We Shall Overcome

First U.K. Transmission Date: 10/03/97

June 21, 1964
Kim and John plan a trip to Mexico, but a phone call to his mother brings John word that his former boss in Washington, Mark Simonson, is now in the Deep South as a civil right's worker, and that "he's no longer laughing". So a trip to Mississippi reveals Hive activity aimed at furthering racial hatreds and using the local humans against one another.

Roger Aaron Brown, Tracy Frain, Charley Lang, Dean Norris, Conor O'Farrell, Raphael Sbarge, Wayne Tippit, Kim Robillard, Lorraine Toussaint & Mike Kennedy.

10 The Last Wave

First U.K. Transmission Date: 17/03/97

July 21, 1964
John and Kim return to the beaches of California to visit some old friends from college, and end up joining film student Jim Morrison in an effort to stop the Hive from polluting the local ocean area.

Brent David Fraser, Conor O'Farrell, Brittany Powell, Mark Bramhall, Christopher Wiehl & Daniel Markel.

11 The Enemy Within

First U.K. Transmission Date: 24/03/97

August 19, 1964
John and Kim travel to Fresno to see John's parents, and learn that the Hive has penetrated even this rural haven.

Dorie Barton, Tim Kelleher, Kent McCord, Joan McMurtrey, Sean O'Bryan, Conor O'Farrell, Terry Bozeman, Tim Choate & Mike Kennedy.

12 The Warren Omission

First U.K. Transmission Date: 07/04/97

Robert Kennedy brings John and Kim in out of the cold to testify before the Warren Commission about why John Kennedy was really killed, and Bach brings in a new team member to help him stop John at all costs.

Jeri Lynn Ryan as Juliet Stuart, Jay Acovone, Dennis Creaghan, James F. Kelly, Gary Lockwood, Conor O'Farrell, Drew Snyder, Arthur Taxier, Wayne Tippit, Susan Griffiths & Mike Kennedy.

13 White Rabbit

First U.K. Transmission Date: 14/04/97

John, still in Majestic's hands, finds himself accompanying Bach to Vietnam to deal with reports of a downed UFO, where he meets a Russian named Lev Stolnachky, who gives him an alien artifact. Back home, a worried Kim takes matters into her own hands and kidnaps Bach's wife in an effort to locate John.

Tay Ma, Jennifer Hetrick as Mrs. Bach & Conor O'Farrell.

14 Shades Of Gray

First U.K. Transmission Date: 21/04/97

Flashback to Gorky Park, Moscow 1935
John rejoins Majestic on his own terms, using the alien encoding device as leverage. And using this device, he devises a plan to lure a ship into landing. When they accomplish this, a Gray wounded in the landing tries to lure a little girl into helping him, reviving painful childhood memories for Juliet. Kim discovers she has an affinity with the wounded Gray.

Jeri Lyn Ryan, David Carpenter, Charley Lang, Conor O'Farrell & Jamie Rene Smith.

15 Burn, Baby, Burn

First U.K. Transmission Date: 05/05/97

Watts area, Los Angeles, CA August 12, 1965
As Kim's due date approaches and passes, Bach decides to send her out to Los Angeles for specialized care, but Steele and the Hive kidnap her, right in the middle of the Watts riots.

Jeri Lynn Ryan, Tim Kelleher, Duane Davis, Keith Diamond, Paul Lieber, Charley Lang, Conor O'Farrell, Vaughn Armstrong & Troy Winbush.

16 Both Sides Now

First U.K. Transmission Date: 12/05/97

Berkley, CA September, 1965
John insists on investigating a Hive operation in Berkley, CA involving the peace movement when he learns that Kim has been spotted in the area with Steele.

Jeri Lynn Ryan, Jeff Judcy, Charley Lang, Conor O'Farrell, Timothy Omundsen & Don Stark.

17 To Prey In Darkness

First U.K. Transmission Date: 19/05/97

New York City, NY November 6-9, 1965
Juliet and John go to New York to try and retrieve film footage from the Roswell crash that proves the existence of aliens in America from columnist Dorothy Kilgallen, who has arranged for it to receive national television exposure.

Jeri Lynn Ryan, Tim Kelleher, Robin Gammell, Spencer Garrett, James Karen, Jack Lindine, Marilyn McIntyre, Conor O'Farrell, Mitchell Ryan, Ryan Cutrona & Thomas Wagner.

18 Strangers In The Night

First U.K. Transmission Date: 02/06/97

Chernobyl, USSR August 19, 1966
A frantic radio message sends John, Juliet and a military team under the command of Major Colin Powell into the Soviet Union in an attempt to secure the files of Aura-Z, the Russian equivalent of Majestic, whose headquarters has been under attack by a Hive force.

Jeri Lynn Ryan, Simon Billig, Wofgang Bodison, Charley Lang, Conor O'Farrell, Beata Pozniak, John Saint Ryan, Simon Billig as Dr. Carl Sagan, Silas Weir Mitchell & Kirk B.R. Woller.

19 Bloodlines

First U.K. Transmission Date: 09/06/97

John discovers that his son is being held aboard the aliens' mothership and badgers Bach to advance the planned Operation: Intruder so he can board the ship in search of the boy. But Bach has his hands full already as he tries to keep the discovery of a possible 10th planet in our solar system a secret from the restless Majestic board.

Jeri Lynn Ryan, Tim Kelleher, James F. Kelly, Mike Kennedy, Ernie Lively, Don Most as Dr. Timothy Leary, Conor O'Farrell, Christopher Thomas, Joseph Urla, Bryan Clark, Lindsey Lee Ginter, Don Moss & Jonathan Zabel as Loengard's son.